Sharpe Houseboat – we get to the point of boat sales and finance.

This website has been set up for people who just want to get straight to the point when it comes to buying a boat and sourcing a boat loan and finance. You don’t want to waste your time in searching for a great boat or a great loan. You just want to get the pointy end of the deal and the boat and cruise away! You want information on houseboats and possibly other boats, in the one place so you can quickly and easily consider your options. We get your point and here you will find a range of resources, information and links to point you in the right direction for a great houseboat and general boat deal!

Getting to the Point of Boat Sales

So you’ve had the discussions with the family, your mates, partners and significant people, you’ve done a lot of thinking and you’ve made your decision. You are going to buy a boat! Possibly a houseboat, but you are keeping an open mind and will consider a number of options before signing a deal. Now you want to get to the point – what do you need to know, what do you need to consider and where can you find great deals on houseboats and the other different types of boats. We offer you tips, hints and links to boat sales sources both online and in person options for not only houseboats but ideas to consider for other boats as well. We give you ideas to think about when making that boat purchase decision and assist in the buying. Above all, we get to the point!

Getting to the Point of Boat Loans and Marine Finance

We know that you want to get straight to the point with your boat loan. You want great cheap boat loans, at a great interest rate, all organised for you. We present you the options that are available and ideas how best to approach the process. We give you an ideal alternative to dealing directly with the bank yourself – deal with a finance broker! We give you the ideas and hints and tips to getting the cheapest boat loan deal even if you don’t have the greatest credit history.

Perhaps you have been rejected for a boat loan by a lender already. That doesn’t have to be the end of it. The point of this site is to present you with information and links so you can move forward towards acquiring that dream houseboat or other boat with a cheap boat loan. A finance broker may be able to assist you with a very attractive quote for a houseboat loan or finance package even if you do have poor credit or low documentation. That’s the point of a broker, to assist you achieve the best loan deal possible. If you’re a business buyer, you likely have any more need to get to the point. You’ve got a business to run and you just want a great marine finance package so you can proceed with buying your boat.

We have references, links and information on the types of loan products which are available to commercial buyers for both houseboat finance and other boats used for business purposes. Private or business, one boat or many, houseboat, power boat, yacht or heavy duty working vessel – make a point of using the information on our Boat Finance page!

Getting to the Point with the Boat Loan Calculator

One of the fastest and savvy ways to get to the point of a great boat purchase deal is to know in advance what your monthly repayments will be on your boat loan. You can get that information quickly, easily and in private from the online boat loan calculator. No need to waste time calling the bank for a quick ballpark estimate.

Avoid those intrusive questions on finance company application forms. Beat the queues ‘on hold’ and get straight to the point. The online boat finance calculator allows you to adjust the significant variables to arrive at varying monthly repayments.

So you can get an idea of the price range of the boat you are considering from the online boat sales sites then stay online to work out your estimated monthly repayment figures for each of the prices. It’s a very convenient and useful tool to add to your boat purchase armory, so go to boat loan calculator page for all the details and links.

If the information on this site doesn’t quite get to the sharpest point of your specific boat purchase, please contact us and ask your questions. Email: