Sharpe Houseboat – we get to the point of houseboat sales.

This website has been set up for people who just want to get straight to the point when it comes to buying a boat and sourcing a boat loan and finance. In particular, houseboats.

So you’ve decided to buy a houseboat and want to get straight into the process with minimal hassle and time wasting. On this page we will provide you with guidelines and ideas for streamlining the boat search process and give you links for houseboat sales.

Houseboat Sales – Guidelines to Save Your Time

To decide which particular houseboat you want to purchase, let’s assess the point of actually owning a houseboat in relation to your specific requirements.

Houseboats are available in a range of lengths, with varying number of berths and various levels of creature comforts from basic functionality to complete luxury.

All these features affect the price, but not completely. A smaller, more luxurious houseboat may be higher priced than a larger, more basic model.

Where you intend to moor your houseboat may be a defining issue in deciding on the maximum length. If you intend to berth the boat at a marina or wharf, check their availability for berths for the size you are considering and maximum restrictions.

If you already own a mooring or are contemplating purchasing, ensure it has plenty of swing room for your houseboat as they are usually wider than other styles of boats and require more space.

Are you planning to live aboard your houseboat or primarily use for holidays and weekends?

If living aboard, you’ll likely want a layout with spacious living area, a great galley and comfortable inclusions. Many are fitted out like a floating apartment, complete with gourmet galley, entertainment units and plenty of comfortable couches to take in the moving view.

If purchasing a new houseboat, you may have the option of designing the interior layout and choosing the fittings to suit your requirements.

Here’s some links to sales for new, live aboard style houseboats:

If your intention is primarily for holidays, you may like to forego large living spaces in favour of more berths. No point having a luxurious, spacious houseboat with only 2-4 berths if you’re extended family of 10 is coming along to stay!

If having small children aboard, ensure all the safety requirements are met with quality railings.

Stay on one waterway or travel around?

Despite their appearance, houseboats are easily transported, which is worth keeping in mind to cast your search beyond your local waterways. You can easily purchase a houseboat from an interstate buyer and organise for it to be transported by road to your home port.

If you are organising your finance through a broker, they may be able to assist by including the transportation costs in your loan.

If you want greater flexibility in where you take your houseboat, consider models designed specifically for trailability so you can hook up to your vehicle and tow it like a caravan.

Consider these options for trailer style houseboat sales:

Getting to the Point of Houseboat Sales

Now for the search.

There are a number of online sites with sections devoted to houseboats for sale. Both new models and used houseboats are advertised so you can easily get to the point of what is currently available, where the best stock is located, price range, compare new v used and make a decision on what features and inclusions you would like and what are optional.

Online sites for houseboats for sale:

The Point of Buying a New Houseboat

Price may be a factor in your decision to select a used rather than new houseboat, but consider the benefits of purchasing a new boat.

If purchasing prior to completion, you can usually select your interior layout, colour scheme, galley appliances and fixtures and fittings. At this stage you may be able to save some money by selecting less expensive inclusions.

New boats come under warranty, which gives you peace of mind that any issues will be resolved. Make sure you read the fine print for exactly what is and isn’t covered under warranty.

The Point of Buying a Used Houseboat

Price is usually the reason most people choose a used houseboat and why not. There are some great used houseboats on the market. You’ll just need to take closer attention to what may or may not need attention: covers and canopies, engine servicing and maintenance, battery life etc

If renovations and upgrades are required, ask your finance broker if the cost can be included in your finance package. Your broker may also be able to assist with title checks on used boats.

If the information on this site doesn’t quite get to the sharpest point of your houseboat sales query, please contact us and ask your questions.