Sharpe Houseboat – we get to the point of houseboat loans with the online calculator.

Savvy and astute houseboat buyers will be well prepared when they go into the negotiation stage of the deal and one of the easiest ways to prepare is to know in advance what your monthly repayments will be on your boat loan or finance package.

For that purpose - you can source all that and more, easily and in private with the online boat loan calculator.

When you just want a ballpark estimate you avoid wasting time calling the bank and then waiting for them to call back with a quote – at their convenience, not necessarily convenient to you when you’ve got a great boat to make an offer on.

You just want a ballpark estimate – you don’t necessarily want to start by having to answer a heap of intrusive questions on finance company application forms.

An online boat finance calculator allows you to get to the head of the queue and get straight to the point.


Check it out now and we’ll go through the features and workings:

The boat loan calculator is online so it is immediately accessible from any connected device. You don’t need to download any special software or apps. Just log on to the website and you’re ready to start calculating an estimate on your houseboat loan.

From your houseboats for sale search you will have some idea of the price range and you can use the calculator as many times as you like. So you can calculate the repayments for your entire short list of houseboats if you want.

Enter the amount you want to borrow then use the variables to adjust the interest rate, the loan term and even the residual (balloon) value and see how the monthly repayments change accordingly.

Perhaps you’re not to the point with current houseboat loan interest rates, well don’t worry. You can either contact us for guidance or just insert a number of rates, from 5% to 17.95% to get an idea of how the repayments change.

Make a note of the results so when it comes to organising your finance, if the bank or broker does talk interest rates, you will have a better idea of what is in the range to meet your repayment expectations.

You can access an online boat loan calculator whenever and wherever you are connected to the internet. Have it on hand when you are meeting with the seller or dealer and discretely calculate an estimate on their asking price to immediately see if it is within your budget.

Please be mindful that online houseboat loan calculators do not allow for possible loan fees and charges. They provide a monthly repayment estimate based on total borrowings, interest rate, loan term and residual.

The calculator can be used for both private and business marine loan purposes.

The boat loan calculator will assist you to the point of a great houseboat deal quickly and easily!

If the information on this site doesn’t quite get to the sharpest point of your houseboat loan and finance enquiry, please contact us and ask your questions.