Sharpe Houseboat – we get to the point of houseboat loans and finance.

We have created this website to provide prospective houseboat buyers, both private and business, with information on the range of options available to finance their houseboat and outline the application and approval process.

Loans for houseboat purchases are primarily viewed and treated like other boat loans with a number of lending products available.

Exactly what loan is perfectly suited to your circumstances and the houseboat you are buying, will be determined during the application phase.

Getting to the Point of Houseboat Loans for Private Purchasers

You want to get straight to the point. You want a cheap houseboat loan, at a great interest rates, organised quickly and efficiently so you can finalise the purchase and get aboard!

You basically have two options: organise the loan yourself or have a finance broker organise it for you.

Experienced, accredited brokers with specialist expertise in sourcing great boat loans, offer many benefits and advantages over organising your own finance.

For a start, they save you a lot of time and in many instances, save you hassles, frustration and money.

The broker will look after all the details of the finance process for you.

After an initial phone discussion where they can get your details and the required information about your financial circumstances, they will then select the best loan products to suit you.

While banks can usually only offer you a limited range of loans for houseboats, brokers are often accredited with numerous lenders, giving them an extensive range of lending products for a range of purposes to survey.

Your broker can hand-select from this wide range, exactly which loan product best suits you and offers the cheapest loan option for your houseboat. They will prepare a comprehensive quote with all the required inclusions and present to you for your consideration.

When it comes to houseboat loans, don’t just consider interest rates.

If you go shopping for boat loan interest rates, you’re approaching your houseboat loan from the wrong angle and it will take you a lot longer to get to the point!

Interest rates do not a houseboat loan make!

Many banks and lenders apply fees and charges to houseboat loans, which vary among loan products. They may also attach specific conditions depending on the individual application and the actual houseboat.

Whether you approach the bank yourself or have a broker arrange your houseboat loan, ensure they provide a fully inclusive quote for your consideration. Then you are in a position to make comparisons.

Talk to a broker for a no obligation discussion and get to the point, quickly:-

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Getting to the Point of Houseboat Loans for Business Purchasers

If you’re running a business you definitely need to get to the point of your commercial houseboat finance package quickly and efficiently.

A qualified and accredited marine finance expert will be best placed to handle your requirements as they are dealing with marine finance on a daily basis. They know the finance market and they know the houseboat market.

So if you are considering purchase of a single houseboat or renewing your entire hire houseboat range, there are cheap and effective commercial marine finance deals at your disposal.

Follow these links to consider your options:

You may wish to also consult with your accountant for an opinion on which particular finance structure is best suited to your business.

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